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EuroAffairs looking for Nordic adult dating affiliates - 10% commission

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    EuroAffairs EuroAffairs är inte uppkopplad Kan SEO rätt bra
    feb 2014
    First of all, sorry for posting in English, but you don't want to try to understand my Swedish

    I represent new-ish adult dating site EuroAffairs ( and we're currently looking for affiliates in Sweden. So in case you already happen to be in this business, or want to start working in this highly sought-after niche then you might want to give us a try! We're currently offering 10% commission on sales, and if you manage to drive in loads of traffic we can tweak that upwards.

    Little bit about us:
    - EuroAffairs was originally launched in Finland back in early 2013, but currently we have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK as well. You may also promote these countries if you wish!
    - We're running on completely custom made platform, and will provide you with statistical tools to track your progress
    - We're distinguished from your general adult dating sites in that we don't offer monthly recurring payments, but instead we're totally credit-based, meaning that from customer POV they can use as much or as little money as they themselves wish.

    If you're interested and want to know more, get in touch with me directly via email at eero @ and we can discuss more!

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    tap1on tap1on är inte uppkopplad Kan SEO rätt bra
    sep 2010
    Your site sure looks interesting. I would consider myself as one of the top adult dating affiliates in the industry but I always promote on a CPA-basis. Is this something you would consider? a 10% commissions sounds quite low, around how much is the avg user paying?


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