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Danish seo guy exchanging pr 2-6 links

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    Christoffer Christoffer är inte uppkopplad Kan SEO rätt bra
    apr 2014
    Hello guys. My name is Christoffer and I am from Denmark. I guess i could write in Danish aswell, but i belive that you guys are better at reading English than danish. I have been working with Seo for around two years now, and started my own Seo company a half year ago.
    The reason i joined this community, is to be able to exchange links with Swedish guys.

    I just started an affiliate site and wanted to make alit of SEO. My offer for you is to give you a couple of links from a range of 50 different Danish and English Pagerank 2-6 sites. The link from you, doesn't have to be that good.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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    BessieJohnson BessieJohnson är inte uppkopplad Väntar på att admin ska godkänna min titel
    jul 2020
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