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Authorship photo disappeared in search engine results

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    samse samse är inte uppkopplad SEO-proffs
    apr 2014
    my Authorship photo disappeared from my blog posts in search engine results .. and i think this time is over from google
    So frustrating and so much time spent developing authorship now all down the tubes. This is sort of like when LinkedIn announced they were dropping product and services listings on company pages. What a waste! And in this case, I really think they got rid of a great thing. Search trends aside, having a picture next to search results really humanized the listings. Too bad... lokal sökmotoroptimering
    Senast redigerat av samse den 2014-10-11 klockan 10:02.

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    Simseen Simseen är inte uppkopplad Kan SEO rätt bra
    jul 2014
    It's not just use. It's seems like it for everybody, but my guess will be it will be a "Adwords only" feuature.


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