LeadDesk is searching for a Head of Marketing; a growth hacker to build, manage and operate our wide range of day-to-day communications and the cutting-edge methods we use to market to our existing and new clients. The cake of responsibilities will taste sweet, and it includes some traditional slices of PR, comms, marketing, and community management, plus a thick icing of new activities and new ways of working that you will develop and deploy with your bright insight. Together with our sales function, you will be in charge of how we create and nurture our business leads.

We believe that the time of the traditional marketing manager is over, and the lines between marketing, engineering and sharp analytics have to be blurred if not forgotten. You will have the support of a flexible creative team at LeadDesk, and work in close co-operation with teams across our company to build your master plans and implement them. You love big data, and words like search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing make you purr.

We are looking for a bright-minded, analytic and creative individual with business acumen and leadership abilities. Besides making operative things happen, you thrive to stay a couple of steps ahead of the existing marketing paradigms in the SaaS industry – and maybe even disrupt them a bit with your creativity! You are a growth hacker by nature, and you have the rare ability to both manage the present and plan for the future. A reporting line straight to our CEO emphasizes the importance of this role. As your physical location, you can choose between our Stockholm or Helsinki offices.

The Growth Hacker of our dreams:

• Has good understanding and experience of the online marketing landscape and is fast to assess and adopt the best tools and systems to deliver the right results

• Is curious minded, analytic by nature, always open to new ideas, and is a conceptual out-of-the box thinker

• Understands growth hacking, low-cost acquisition, and viral marketing

• Combines leading and managing bigger plans with operating and coordinating day-to-day hands-on work, without compromising either

• Can fluently communicate verbally and in writing in English, including the ability to craft convincing PR and social content

• Has an energetic leadership character that ties together and fires up talented colleagues

• Has the vision to build a valuable international brand that performs and meets our business needs

• Is technology-minded with their own unique skills that complement their LeadDesk colleagues' technology, telephony and sales expertise

• Has relevant experience (We are interested in attitude and experience rather than specific time in a specific position. You might be an entrepreneur, or coming from a sales and marketing role… or something else?)

• Has a Master’s degree in a relevant area

Apply here: https://express.candarine.com/campai...d/bd0b1a615db8