OSRS Soul Wars rewards can be obtained if you participate in Soul Wars minigame. The rewards include Soul Wars pet, spoils of war, soul cape and more.

How to earn Zeal Tokens in Soul Wars?

Zeal Tokens are the reward currency gained from Soul Wars OSRS, which can be exchanged at Nomad for rewards. You can earn zeal points by completing the following tasks:
Killing players
Burying bones
Dealing damage to the enemy's Avatar
Sacrificing soul fragments
Capturing graveyards or the Soul Obelisk

Details of OSRS Soul Wars rewards

The following rewards can be obtained from Soul Wars:
Experience (Attack, Strength, Defence, Prayer, Ranged, Magic and Hitpoints)
Soul cape (2,500 Zeal Tokens): the cape requiring level 70 Prayer to equip. OSRS Soul cape can provide a +8 Prayer bonus.
Ectoplasmator (250 Zeal Tokens): an item with an effect similar to the Bonecrusher. The ectoplasmator OSRS can provide Prayer experience for killing ghostly creatures.
Spoils of war (30 Zeal Tokens): an item with various rewards. From the spoils of war OSRS you may get a Soul Wars pet, which can be changed between the Lil creator and Lil destructor appearance. After obtaining the Soul Wars pet Lil creator, you can right click "Metamorphosis" to change between Lil Creator and Lil Destructor.

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