A new Fishing boss called Tempoross is released this month. Here are some useful tips when fighting against Tempoross OSRS.

Requirements of OSRS Tempoross

Tempoross the new Fishing boss requires Level 35+ Fishing (only for members). It can be accessed via the port at the Ruins of Unkah safe passage through the seas.

How to defeat OSRS Tempoross?

Players should reduce the energy and spirit of Tempoross to subdue it when fighting against Tempoross. During the first phase, fire cannons with harpoon fish as ammo to drain its energy. During the second phase, remove the energised fish from Tempoross directly to reduce Tempoross’s spiritual presence. Players need to repeat the first phase again if Tempoross fully regains its energy before its spirit is fully depleted.
Tempoross will attempt to disrupt players’ efforts by unleashing an array of attacks. These attacks will hinder players’ movements and cause them to lose the resources or tools gathered during the fight. It will retreat when its spirit is fully depleted before it fully regains its energy, and leave a pool of debris to loot rewards from.

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