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MafiaCreator Sweden: partner up

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    sep 2010
    Dear webmasters,

    First of all: I'm sorry for typing this message in English, I'm from the Netherlands and I can't speak the language of Sweden and because of that I'm contacting you in this way
    My name is D. Stroeve and since june 2008 we're running a very successful project in the Netherlands, Germany, France and English speaking countries. Its called "MijnMaffia".

    A webpage where people can create, manage and earn a own browser based mafia game. For the concept explained in English, please have a look at this:

    We've got a lot of requests already to start it also in Sweden so thats the reason I'm here.

    We look for a professional partner (franchisetaker) that is capable to run a big project like this in Sweden. Well, I don't know if you have interest in it, but I can try.

    Dutch version: 90.000+ created games, 580.000+ members (started june 2008)
    German version: 21.000+ created games, 140.000+ members (started december 2009)
    France version: 5.000+ created games, 30.000+ members (started may 2010)
    English version: 17.000+ created games, 42.000+ members (started june 2010)

    Whats in the deal?
    - you can speak English and have enough time for this project
    - you don't need to pay anything, we create all of the updates (and have the servers running, 10+ at the moment)
    - you will receive a specified percentage of the profit (possible up to € + looking at German / Dutch / France versions)
    - you need to translate the whole website into Svenska (with a handy tool, over 5.000+ words and short sentences)

    In the future you are responsible for:
    - customer support (mail and forums, both is a big job but you can choose your own moderators for sure)
    - promotion (we can do it together, but you need at least some great internet channels to promote the concept... you also help us by setting up campaigns like google ads and others)
    - translating new updates and news posts

    We will work with a contract for sure.

    If you are interested, please let me know:
    - who are you or your company?
    - what kind of experience do you have with internet business (and which websites)
    - what possibilities for promoting this concept you have?

    It will take a lot of time, at the beginning for sure. But if you run it well it will pay itself back later 100%.

    Please send me a e-mail at [email protected] with the info above if you have interest in this job, or just if you want to know something.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

    D. Stroeve

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    aug 2020
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